David Kauahikaua is a producer / arranger / keyboard player who has been involved in the recording industry in Hawaii since the early 80's. One of the first to use computers to enhance music production, David has always been on the cutting edge of technology.
Though he didn't set out to become an expert on Hawaiian culture, Keli'i Tau'a may be the most revered teacher of hula and chant you never heard of.
Melinda Caroll is a composer, producer, performer, recording artist, dancer, business woman, a lifetime Member of Girl Scouts and mom. She has been the inspirational creative force behind music for Girl Scouts since 1989.
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Take an eclectic musical journey around the Pacific Rim with Kimo & Jody of the world fusion group Ranga Pae: be refreshed by the Japanese koto with its reminiscent sound of waterfalls and the haunting melodies of bamboo flutes from Hawaii and Indonesia, the exotic flavor of India with the sitar and the heartbeat of Bali through the bamboo tingklik. There's even something familiar waiting in the background of this musical oasis as you're likely to catch a re-imagined classic rock tune, a hip hop hit with an ethnic twist, a jazz standard, a world traditional piece, or an original Ranga Pae composition. 
Lance Jyo is an AOR composer and has composed many songs for artists.
Frank De Lima is Hawai'i's premier comedian. Nicknamed the "Portuguese Prince of Comedy."
Roslyn has been a professional composer, teacher and musical director for 21 years in Hawaii, and has two Hoku-nominated CDs, "The Wishing Tree" and "Stepping Stones." She released her third CD of original songs, "On This Journey" in 2003.
Hawaii's premier recording studio, Sounds Like Hale Recording Studio is a full-service digital audio recording and MIDI production facility owned and operated by professional musicians. Our goal is to provide high quality sound recordings utilizing the finest digital and analog equipment available, taking your project from concept to completion. The studio incorporates the industry standard ProTools HD3 Accel multi card recording system.
Hawaii's premier studio engineer.
Independent Mastering is a full service CD Mastering lab featuring a custom discrete analog console, custom tube and solid state EQs and compressors plus, a wide variety of stock and modified outboard gear. We also have custom tube and discrete solid state 1/2" and 1/4" tape machines featuring AMPEX 351 playback electronics.