Cloud Warriors

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Keli'i Tauʻā & David Kauahikaua
Released: November 2008
Two Hawaiian musicians meeting in a friend's cozy Kula home decided over dinner that they enjoy the same type of music. An established storyteller by the name of Keli'i Tau'ā proposed to the interpreter, David Kauahikaua, that they collaborate their creative juices and produce a product never heard before in the Hawaiian music scene. Keliʻi tells the enchanting stories of Maui: his lyrics paint a vivid picture. However, the magic of the album is how David interprets the stories. From the first track, the mystical "Hāʻiku Rainbow" through the mighty "Cloud Warriors" the experience is a true listening pleasure. Give a listen and you, too, will agree that this CD is "No Ka ʻOi" (the best).
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Listen to the songs and learn

Hāʻiku Rainbow CW1
On any given misty evening up in Hā’iku, Maui and throughout the Archipelago of Hawai’i with the moonlight shining on the falling mist one could experience a Night Rainbow in colors of white, gray and silver. Like the sighting of this phenomenon, one would feel privileged to experience an amazing sight.

No Ka ʻOi CW2
No Ka ‘Oi is a special phrase referring to great persons, places and things on the island of Maui. In this song, we recognize the greatness of Haleakalā, Mount Kahalawai and the sacred valley of ʻĪao. This travel log song takes you to many of the special places you will experience as if you were at each location. But in the end, its the people that makes Maui No Ka ʻOi.

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a CW3
Humu humu nuku nuku ‘a pua’a. Picture you as the state fish of Hawai’i, one that swims around strutting its fun little side of Ha’uha’u ha’uha’u ha’uha’u E. It makes you ponder. Does the little fish really snort like a pig, as the name suggests?

Cloud Warriors CW4
Ukiukiu was the northern cloud and Nāulu was the southern cloud both battling to possess the summit of Haleakalā. Usually, Ukiukiu was victorious but occasionally he was pushed back by Nāulu. When they called a truce, withdrew to rest leaving a clear space between the white masses of vapor looming against the blue of the sky, the space called Alanui o Lani.

Maui O Ka Lani CW5
Maui o ka Lani, refers to Maui the demi-god who resided in the heavens, in the ocean and throughout the pacific. He was the demi-god for all of the Polynesians. Fortunately for Mauians, he was the keeper for the island of Maui No Ka ‘Oi.

Puʻunēnē CW6
Pu'unēnē was one of the larger up and coming plantation towns on Maui that contributed to Maui's new lifestyle centered on multicultural plantation life. In this new multicultural environment communication barriers were overcome by the new language—namu paʻi ʻai (pidgin).
Ke Alaloa CW7
Ke Alaloa was the only road built on any major Hawaiian island that encircled an entire island. Ke Alaloa was built by King Pi’ilani and completed by his son, Kiha-a-Pi’ilani. It provided all the residents to travel throughout the island of Maui. Hulo ka mō’ī o Pi’ilani.

Kealaikahiki CW8
Kealaikahiki is a special passage in which the ancient Hawaiians began their double-hull sails to a new land. It is located in between Kaho’olawe and Lana’i. If one sailed through this passage, they would line themselves up to arrive in the South Pacific islands of their ancestors.

Hana Beeeze CW9
Hana Breeze truly greets you in a special way, as properly called “Heavenly Hana.” With soft breezes blowing alongside the rolling hills. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy the drive, let this soft melody take you to Hana and you, too, will feel the message of Heavenly Hana.

Pueo Hoot Hoot CW10
Pueo is one of Hawaii’s favorite ʻaumakuas. Which is in reference to family ancestral gods. This song is a story of how the pueo saved and protected our family. Please be attentive to caring for these special birds, for one day they might be helpful to you, too.

Surfer Girl Whee-Ha CW11
Here is one for the ladies. We always hear of the men surfing, but Princess Keaomelemele was the legendary surfer of ancient times. She loved long-board surfing at Uo at Lahaina. Come whee-ha with her on the next big nalu.

Ke Meʻe O Ka Wa CW12
Who is a Hawaiian Hero of this era? One who is a billionaire? Jumps over tall buildings or drives fancy cars or could it be a simple kanaka who plants his taro, cares for his family, paddles his canoe or just shares what he has with everyone. I vote for the latter qualities and that's why I and many others love the man. E ō e Kimokeo, Ka Me'e O Ka Wā i Hawai'i Nei.