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Keli'i Tauʻā & David Kauahikaua
Released: September 2011
Long before Lahaina was a tourist town, Hawaiian chiefs called it home. With its rich soil and abundant ocean life, it was a natural move to designate Lahaina as the first capital in all of Hawaiʻi. Maui Island is known anciently as “Na Honoapiʻilani”, named after the 16th Century King. Lahaina is also home to the mystical rain, Ka Ua ʻUla and plenty of rainbows over the majestic Mauna Kahalawai. As the capital, Lahaina was home to Kamehamehaʻs royal family including Queen Keopulani and Queen Kaʻahumanu during their reign. E O E Lahaina, ka ʻaina waiwai o ka mokupuno o Maui.
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Listen to the songs and learn about Lahaina

Hauola L1
Hauola is the name of a birthing stone found in the middle of Lahaina town, right outside of the library in shallow water. These stones were made available in several islands and provided the mana and the spiritual power to the woman chiefess who went to sit on it to help her become fertile. It was said that others went to sit on this rock to have long life and good health.

Lahaina Rainbow L2
Daily rainbows blessing Lahaina is a gift from Akua especially in the district (moku) of Lahaina. It was in this moku that many of the ruling chiefs/chieffesses resided including the sacred queen of King Kamehameha First queen Keopuolani.

Pākahi Pōhaku Pi'ilani L3
During the time of King Piʻilani of Maui, historians refer this time as the “Golden Age” of Maui because the King made an attempt to go and meet with his people in his kingdom. In order to get around to all his people easily, he built a road passing one rock at a time (Pakahi Pohaku) around the entire island.

He Mele Puʻupaʻupaʻu L4
A simple song for the hill Puʻu Paʻupaʻu recognizing a heiau (temple) built for the Moʻo (lizard) worshippers.

E Hula Leʻaleʻa Mākou L5
This song was written for all to enjoy the hula, Hawaiʻiʻs gift to the world which can be enjoyed everywhere at anytime.

Ka Ua ʻUla L6
Ka ua ʻula is a beautiful place in the mountain of Lahaina and enjoyed by the few residents. The word means “Red Rain” which I have seen as I sat at Launiupoko Mauka, a neighboring community of Ka ua ʻula.

He Maʻi O Ka Lani L7
This mele maʻi(genital chant) like many other songs took on another life as time continues on. Filled with kaona,(hidden meaning), it suggests a woman from Kauiki and Lele are being courted at the same time by a lover.
Lahainaluna L8
The first school constructed West of the Rocky Mountains which became one of the four major schools on Maui as part of the State Department of Education. It is the only public boarding school in the State responsible for graduating many leaders in the community.

Hele Nene I Ke Kula L9
Everyone needs a few tips on life and learning including our state bird Nēnē who showed up in front of the classroom doors harassing and chasing after the students. Like students, they complain by honking all day.

Alā O Ka Maʻa L10
During the time of the great Hawaiian writers, David Malo and John Papa Iʻi, they were challenged by two missionaries named Andrews and Dibble concerning the accuracy of the Hawaiian Slingstone. David Malo pointed out that he could hit a target with the slingstone from the heights of Lahainaluna High School all the way down to Launiupoko. At the end, when they went to check the target they found that his word was as good as the little rock that traveled the loooooong distance with a wo-u-wo-u.

Luaʻehu L11
Luaʻehu was an ancient name for Lahaina. This song was written for a red-headed moʻo that lived at Luaʻehu, Lahaina frequenting the fish pond of Mokuʻula. There was a Luaʻehu school built there in the time of the first missionaries and later the school moved to Oʻahu and the name changed to Iolani School a popular private school.

Honoapiʻilani L12
King Piʻilani during his reign was loved by his people and in honor of his great works, Lahaina named six bays after him such as Honokowai, Honokeana, Honokahua, Honolua, Honokohau & Hononana. In order to get to his people, he started a rock road that completely encircled Maui.

Lahaina Treasure L13
Lahaina is a treasure from its infancy till today. The two most powerful women resided simultaneously at Mokuʻula while grooming young King Kamehameha II Liholiho & Kamehameha III Kauikeauʻoli. Lahainaʻs shores protected by Molokaʻi and Lanaʻi islands attracted many whaling ships with their sailors to enjoy itʻs treasures. Today, Lahaina remains a visitorʻs haven filled with joy and laughter.