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Keli'i Tauʻā & David Kauahikaua
Released: September 2010
Ke Ali'i Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop (1831-1884)
For more than a century, the lives of thousands of Hawaiians have been touched by the generosity and legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Although she had no children of her own, by her generosity she has essentially fostered Native Hawaiian children throughout the state. David and Keli’i are such foster children to Pauahi as they both graduated from Kamehameha Schools. In honor of their deep appreciation of her contributions they have created a musical documentary of her life.

But there is more to Pauahi’s story than the financial contributions for which she is so well known. These songs describe her life, her travels, and the love for her people.

Refusing to rule her people, she did what was better—she served them.
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Listen to the songs and learn about Pauahi Bishop

He Kamali'i Wahine P1
This song focuses on the birth of the princess who was referred to as the “Pretty Little Princess.” She was a chosen child of the Hawaiian hānau protocol given up early to her aunt Kina’u to raise and live among other royal children.

Hale Aliʻi Whee-Ha P2
Her house in Honolulu, which was named Haleakalā, must have been an exciting living quarters for Pauahi. The home was one of the first two story buildings with pillars, lanai surrounding three fourths of the home with lush gardens and the infamous Tamarind Tree. The lyrics include the evolvement of a new lifestyle never experienced in Hawaiʻi.

Pauahi E P3

Ka Ua Waʻahila Moaʻe P4
The Moa’e winds and Wa’ahila rains represent the spirit of our chiefess who has left her legacy with all her hanai children of the Kamehameha Schools. Finally, measures were taken to spread her legacy with the ‘iwa flying through the archipelago building new foundations on Hawai'i & Maui. Now is the time for the ‘opu’u, the buds or students, to hold on to what she left for the Hawaiian children and give back by supporting the legacy.

Kaʻapuni Holopuni Trot Trot P5
Here is a song about Pauahi and Charles’ tour throughout Europe. “Trot trot” seemed to have been a very appealing word to the writer who followed them.

Kaulana Paionia P6
This song is about Pauahiʻs significant other Charles Bishop
ʻAʻole ʻAʻole Naʻu P7

Kula Royale P8
Kamehameha III, Kauikeaouli, decided that the children of Hawaiian royalty should be educated in the knowledge of domestic and foreign life. They called the school Royal because it was built for students who were of the chiefly class in Hawaiʻi

He Pua Aliʻi No ʻOe P9
This love song is to setup an exchanging Charles R. Bishop with Pauahi’s love to each other.

Ka Lāʻau Wī P10

E Holo Lio Ana Pau P11
In the chorus, the gender is developed w/paʻu or lole wawae which was the marked difference by that time late 1800ʻs. Pauahi & charles both loved riding.

Konohiki P12
The konohiki in Hawaiʻi was a very important person. He carried on the affairs of the chiefs making sure that the people of their rule were doing the work to keep their district productive. They were the right hand strength of the chief(s)