Rejects from the Soundtrack of My Imaginary Movie

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David Kauahikaua
Released: October 2011
This project started when a friend of mine reminded me of a song that I had done for a project that got rejected. The project was a big convention that came into town and they wanted a big dance number. Even though they didn't like the song, when I heard it again I thought it was great. I decided to look around for other songs that I had either written or arranged that were, shall we say, left on the cutting room floor. Needless to say, there were many. Here is a collection of songs, some old, some new. some that I started but never finished until now, and one blue!

Produced, arranged, played, programmed, sampled, recorded, sung, mixed, mastered, designed and photographed by me.

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Listen to the songs and learn what they're about

Dreaming of Yesterday play
This was the song for the convention. Big dance number. Big sound.

Dance of the Blue Chihuahua play
Little dogs are funny creatures. Imagine a chihuahua in a blue tuxedo doing the dance of love.

Tears of Sunlight play
There was a call out for sad music. So I tried to write the saddest song I could. I never sent it in. It had a ray of hope in it.

Five-Legged Crab play
I was (am) a big fan of Dave Brubeck who pioneered odd time signatures. One of the first songs I learned to play on the piano was Paul Desmond’s "Take Five." I am still known for that today. The guy who played "Take Five” in high school. This song is in 5/4 and brings to mind a crab with 5 legs scurrying along the sand and then ducks into his hole.

Afternoon Song play
In the late afternoons in Kailua, where I live, a balmy breeze from the ocean blows across the front yard with a fragrant mixture of flowers and BBQs. It’s very relaxing to just sit there and take it all in.

A New Land play
I had an interview for a job at a new hotel that just opened and I wanted to give them something current to demonstrate my capability at the time. So I took a melody that I had written earlier and morphed it into this huge opening number. Didn't get the job, but had fun with it.

Morning Paddle play
On some mornings when it’s very still and the ocean is glassy, you can see stand-up paddlers gliding across the water. So effortless and tranquil.

Amongst the Bamboo play
While hiking here in Hawaiʻi you will undoubtably come a cross a grove of bamboo. The breeze will blow and the bamboo will sway back and forth as the birds flit from one stalk to the next.

America, the Beautiful play
This is my interpretation of the patriotic classic. This version was turned down for being too “weird.”

Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī play
This is the state song of Hawaiʻi. This is my own interpretation of the classic song. It hasn’t been rejected yet.

On the Road to the Obvious play
On an island you can only go as far as the place you started from.

Smile play
In 2010 our dog "Hoku" was diagnosed with canine lymphoma. Cancer. We went through the chemo and radiation for 6 months but he finally succumbed to the disease. We were devastated. A couple of weeks later I was attending a music seminar here and they were asking for original compositions for a contest. I wrote this song as a way to cope with the loss. It was one of the hardest and easiest things I have ever done. The song made it to the semi-finals but didn't get picked.